Upcoming Free Seminar – Friday Harbor, San Juan Island – April 9th

Now that Covid-19 is starting to fade, it is time to get our lives back on track.

A great place to start is by getting your affairs in order. The startling truth is that up to seventy percent of retirement plans fail when families need them the most. Your family deserves an Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney who will make it his priority to give you the greatest chance of a successful retirement.

“Nothing breaks up or hurts a family more than a retirement plan that fails to achieve peoples wishes,” said Phillip George, Attorney at Safe Harbor Legal Solutions. “People need a retirement plan that does more than just list where I want my assets to go when I die”

A successful retirement plan gives you the best chance of:

  • Not running out of money due to estate and death taxes or uncovered long term care costs
  • Not being forced into institutional care against your wishes
  • Not becoming a burden on your family
  • Not having your family fight like cats and dogs if something should happen to you

At Safe Harbor Legal Solutions, we set families up for a successful retirement by carefully integrating these foundational pillars; health, housing, finances, legal and family.

If you want to start getting your affairs in order, or want to learn more, join us for a free educational seminar on Saturday, the 9th of April, in beautiful Friday Harbor.



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