Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys
Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys


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You have hopes and dreams for retirement, and we want to help you achieve them. At Safe Harbor Legal Solutions, we offer a comprehensive approach to retirement planning designed to help give you and your family the best chance for a successful retirement. Some of the services we offer are:

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Documents set your family up for success if something were to happen to you. From Wills to Trusts to Powers of Attorney and Mental Health Advanced Directives, Safe Harbor Legal Solutions can help you tailor your legal documents to help you avoid becoming a burden on your family when the time comes for them to help you.

Large Estate Tax Planning

Do you have a large estate? Without the proper planning, the state of Washington and the Federal Government can take a big bite out of your assets when you pass. Let the team at Safe Harbor Legal Solutions work with you to mitigate your estate tax risk.

Long Term Care and Crisis Planning

More than two out of every three folks over the age of seventy will need to access long-term care at some point in their life. Unfortunately, the average cost of Long-Term Care in a Washington nursing home is currently more than $11K per month. At that rate, even large estates can rapidly run out of funds. Let the team at Safe Harbor Legal Solutions work with your loved ones to see if they can mitigate these costs by using various governmental programs.


Do you have a loved one that has passed? When someone passes in Washington state and that person owns real estate or more than $100K in probate-able assets, their estate will probably have to go through Probate. We’ve all heard horror stories of families fighting like cats and dogs after mom and dad pass away. Let the team at Safe Harbor Legal Solutions work with you to make this transition as easy and as peaceful as possible for your family.


Do you have a loved one who can no longer make decisions for themselves? Without a valid Power of Attorney, you may need to get a Guardianship over your loved one if you need to help them make financial or health care relate decisions. Talk to the team at Safe Harbor Legal Solutions to find out if a Guardianship might be appropriate for your loved one.

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