Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys
Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys


Every family benefits from a safe harbor.

If you feel overwhelmed when you think about retirement, don’t be. Count on Safe Harbor to help you find your bearings as you embark on your pathway to a thriving retirement.

Safe Harbor Legal Solutions specializes in helping families prepare for and navigate through retirement. You have dreams, and we want to help you achieve them. We can help set you and your family up for success by incorporating the following services into a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

A successful retirement plan gives you the best chance of:

  • Not running out of money due to estate and death taxes or uncovered long-term care costs
  • Not being forced into institutional care against your wishes
  • Not becoming a burden on your family
  • Not having your family fight like cats and dogs if something should happen to you

At Safe Harbor Legal Solutions, we set families up for a successful retirement by carefully integrating these foundational pillars; health, housing, finances, legal and family.

Meet Phil George

What happens when a family is unprepared for an unexpected death? The emotional and material toll can overwhelm. When Phil’s family experienced the loss of a young person, the cost was so great it prompted him to rethink his entire professional life.

Opting out of a lucrative career as a Boeing engineer, Phil embarked on a less certain but more meaningful path ahead—law. The most vulnerable, he would learn, were the least likely to benefit from the legal protection they needed. It was an insight that would carry him forward until, years later, he would found Safe Harbor Legal Solutions.

“Nothing breaks up or hurts a family more than a retirement plan that fails to achieve peoples wishes. People need a retirement plan that does more than just list where they want their assets to go when they die.”

Phillip George

Phil helps families around the Pacific Northwest with estate and retirement planning and is an active community leader on end of life issues. Phil currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Whatcom County Hospice Foundation as well as serving on the Advisory Committee for Bellingham Senior Activity Center. Phil also hosts a weekly radio show, The Aging Hour, that helps people learn how to better plan for a successful retirement.

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Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorneys
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